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Jan. 16, 2023

How to Tell if your Purpose is Ego or Soul led

How to Tell if your Purpose is Ego or Soul led

Here's what you can expect from the podcast


  • The Ancients channel on the foundation for living a fulfilling life, which we know is core and central to living with more Joy.
  • The difference between trying to be perfect and living in wholeness.
  • The difference in intentions between driven mission or purpose, and what they call, preffered purpose
  • How choosing our preferred purpose leads to peace, liberation and freedom for both ourselves and others
  • They deliver all of this with a touch of fierce compassion in order to liberate us from our negative ego.




 Well, hello and welcome to episode six of the It's Not Woo, it's Real podcast. Now we've forgot the podcast title. Then today's episode is a channeled message from the A's. But before I get into that, I wanted to give you a little bit of a personal and professional catch up cause it's been a few weeks and to say Happy New Year.

How have you been since the solstice?

I've been quite internal and reflective and slow and fast at the same time. I've not been engaging in some of the wintering practices that I know you and some of my friends have been doing. It sounds delicious, but. We, um, we got, um, some of the lurgey that was going around around Christmas and so did friends.

And so some of the plans that I had for having friends down and visiting and staying and going out and doing nature adventures just all got thrown up into the air and, um, You know when you are in that place where you're just like too ill to read or watch anything, but not. Asleep all the time. I had a few days like that.

I was not good company . Oh, my inner inner narrative. Like no wonder I needed to slow down. So that was really helpful to just think, okay, I really need to change the trajectory of where these thoughts are taking me. Like I am not good company with myself. So there was that. And then there was some exciting developments around work and working with stone circles and lay lines to do remote land clearings, well  in person and remote land clearings and house clearings and rebalancing energies of people's home.

It's been incredibly rewarding. You might have seen some of the pictures of, um, the Hurlers and other stone circles where the, as were directing me to go. So I've got some exciting developments, um, coming soon with services that I'm gonna start offering around that. I'm just in the middle of doing the lovely work of writing the sales page, so I'll let you know in the next episode.

All about that, but it's been incredible and just really professionally fulfilling. So I'm excited about that. And something else that I wanted to share with you, um, is like a general message just before I go into what the a are talking about today. I wonder if you needed to hear this as much as I did.

So sometimes I wake up and there are like spiritual teachers around or guides or other beings, and I guess they're there all the time. It's just that sometimes I'm more aware of them. Than others, you know the deal. I'm sure you get this. And one morning I woke up and I saw a spiritual teacher that I really, really love, and her message was, be gentle on yourself.

More gentle than you ever thought was possible. And you know what it's like when you get message from spirit? It's not just the words, but there's a transmission of energy. It's like, you know, the cliche word is the download, excuse me, but it is, and oh God, it just felt like a whisper from sauce and I really took it to heart.

And just like if I was being more gentle with myself than I thought was possible. And for me, that meant allowed  more gentle than I ever thought I was allowed to be. How would that be? What would that change? What would I do differently? And how would I embrace my wholeness more? Excuse me, my voice is still recovering.

Um, So I'm offering that like the invitation there is to just ask yourself those same questions. So let's be gentle together. And speaking of wholeness, that's kind of a really nice introduction in today's channel. Session, not session Channel sharing from the As. So first of all, forgive the quality in this, if you will.

I didn't have my microphone set up in the way that I thought I heard when I recorded it, so it's not as good as I would want it to be, but you know, it's doable. So I channeled this and I didn't know what was coming. And then at the end, the A said, This is the first part of the series and I just thought, oh, I'm doing a series and am I, so I'm assuming that this is gonna be a series of, um, something and I will follow my intuitive urges as to when to sit down and channel from them.

Okay. So the key points of the, and the key points of this channeled message, when I listened back to it, was really.

Okay, so as you listen to this channel session, obviously allow the words to evoke within you whatever the needs evoking, but when I was reflecting on their message, The conclusion I came to that they're really trying to teach us was the foundation of fulfilment, the foundational pieces of living a life with fulfilment, which we know is core and central to living with more joy.

The difference between trying to be perfect.  or trying to live in wholeness. They talk about that in terms of the ideal self, or remembering and reclaiming a wholeness by putting ourself back together again. Post-trauma, the difference between intentions around driven mission and purpose or preferred purpose.

And choosing a preferred purpose that brings joy and excitement and the peace that that can allow us and the freedom and liberation it offers us and other people. And so there was a critical eye on the, the tricks and mischievousness of the negative ego who. Can ch try and choose a mesh, a mission that that allows us to feel more special or better than others.

And we're going to, we're gonna slip in and out of that. So none of it was said, obviously with a critical tone from them, but it was a fierce compassion to bring you more in alignment with your heart, with your soul, whatever name you want to call it, but that will allow you freedom, liberation, peace, and joy and others.

So going in. That's how I'd like to set it up for you to experience and just, yeah, I'll pass you over to the A's and let me know how it lands with you.

Greets. It is wonderful to be here with you today. We are here to suggest a new pathway forward for you.

One in which you endeavor to become whole rather than an idealized self. Integration is made possible by the idea that you are indeed already. And yet aspects of self have been scattered and are fragmented

within the collective that you call the external world.

And that part of the reason why you are here is to rediscover and re. Disowned aspects of self, aspects of self that were disowned in previous lifetimes. This lifetimes parallel lifetimes, wholeness integration. Reassembly is, he's a more fulfilling, wholly enjoying way of navigating. Through life rather than striving for an idealised version of self that is more based on constructions informed by your culture and society's priorities, point of views,

which are not always in your best interests for they are based. Old thought forms

quite often. Trauma responses

of the dominating voices in societies and cultures that have come before

some external. To your world. Interventions occurred in your past that are still playing out now, which are very dominating in nature based on a desire for and a need for control, dominance power by those who. And had forgotten their true source of power.

But all is well and all can be well

if you pay attention to your own internal impulse.

That require attention

to focus on meeting your own needs, to integrate your own duality so that you can transcend duality whilst living. Within it, you can observe and not partake, and that is part of the transcendence.

It's part of your journey into wholeness so that you can exist more fully within the fifth dimension where psychic.

And Extrasensory cognition is available to you where profound connection with other lifetimes, other skills, other expressions of the true self exist. And can be utilized whilst here on earth

and only from this plane can a new existence for humanity build can't be constructed. They have work to do. Yes.

It's not a mission unless you choose. As a preference, mission can be very driven and driven by an insecurity,

driven by your own need to feel powerful. It's not necessarily wrong.

But it's going to keep you limited in duality because that kind of driven mission, that's based on insecurities and feeling powerless in your society results in, in a subtle need to dominate others and need to feel better than, rather than different.

And it requires a certain sense of superiority that your mission has more importance than any other chosen vocation or experience in the.

And that kind of superiority is arrogance,

whereas if you choose it as your preference, just a preference. This is what I prefer to do. This is where I want to invest my energies. Cause it makes me feel alive. Connected to who I am in this lifetime. It gives me a strength of personality driven by choice and preference, not superiority. Simply preference.

And you see there's peace.  in purpose or mission as preference, there's peace in that choice, and that will be your energetic offering to the world. Whilst you are doing your preferred purpose,

your preferred purpose, gifts, peace to the world because you require nobody else to do anything differently. You're reminding your own business. Everybody gets to choose their purpose. If it excites you, gives you a desire to contribute to the world, helps you release yourself from the addictive society release status as an affirmation of worthiness.

Gives you a solid sense of peace and curiosity and aliveness than you'll be offering much more to your world vibrationally than done. A mission that's driven by a negative ego who SubT. But still there, it's subtle, but still wishes to dominate, to prove power, to prove worthiness.

So how to know? Well, you really do know if you are ruthless, to be honest with yourself. If you have been self-reflective and if you are self-aware, willing, just a willingness to be self-aware, you can tell if you are feeling smug and better than and somehow can reject the world that is perhaps rejecting you.

You can. And that's all right. And you will slip over into it. It's all right. You will. It can be tricky to navigate connection when you're living in a disconnected world,

so be gentle on yourself. It's all right when you slip into better than you're going to, you can't help it, but at the court of your choice. Before you adventure on any endeavor that you decide is your purpose, just check for driven mission of the negative ego who secretly and subtly wishes to dominate a world that is trying to dominate them.

Allow yourself and give yourself the gift of opting out of that duality. Into the peace of a preferred purpose because it brings you aliveness, contentment, peace, curiosity,

and if there's any striving to be had, let it be a striving for wholeness and integr. And we will talk more about this in this series, but for now, ponder your purpose

with peaceful curiosity and ruthless self honesty, because that's what's required for transcendence of duality.

You up in peace for now. We bid you farewell. Okay, so that's a wrap for this episode. If you want to share how the a's message landed with you, I always love to hear. You can email me, carra caral.com, c a r a. At C now, uh, it's c a r A for Cara and Wild with an A . Uh, you can find me on Instagram, um, on Wild Carra and feel free to DM me on Instagram with any thoughts or reflections if you are new to my work and.

You fancier channel sessions. I do have some slots available. You can find out more about that on the website, um, or email me. But you can book online on the website and I have spaces in some spaces in January. And on the next episode I will let you know about the, um, space clearings and the land healings and share some of the.

Ah, really just interesting, interesting impressions that I've got from Earth Energies. I can't wait to share that with you next time. All right, have a great week and I will speak to you soon. Love to you. Bye.