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My Favourite Podcast!

At last a podcast about the subject of spirituality by someone who has not only clearly walked the walk but who can also talk about it in a coherent and engaging way. I’m hooked!

My Favourite Spiritual Podcast!

I love this podcast! Cara is clearly someone who is not only deeply connected to the unseen realm but who has also "walked the walk". What's more she talks about it in a very natural and engaging manner that just leaves you wanting more. It's already become my favourite spiritual podcast!

Refuge for sensitives

Food for my sensitive soul! Great conversations.

Hidden Gem

LOVE this podcast! I discovered it recently and have been listening to every episode. A true hidden gem.

Like nothing else out there

I absolutely love this podcast! The interviews with the guides series is fantastic, as are the regular interviews. This show is like nothing else out there. I highly recommend it!