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Nov. 10, 2022

The Basics of Reality Creation

The  Basics of Reality Creation

What's covered on this episode:

  • The three basic principles of reality creation and how to use them
  • How to know if you trust a belief or if you are in denail
  • How imagination can gently and significant shift your expectations
  • More detailed raw materials of reality creation theory
  • What is reality creation
  • An example of how I created something in physical reality in one day - I break it down step by step
  • How to embody your creation

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 Hey, hey, welcome back. Welcome to this episode of the podcast. It's not woo, it's real. I'm gonna dive straight into today's material. There's quite a bit to cover and pull up that metaphysical chair and let's hu cozy up around the fire and have a chat. So, reality creation and the raw materials. I just wanna define what I mean by reality creation cuz I'm surprised that a lot of people that I.

Know or living by this principle, don't actually know what I mean by that term. So you may have heard Abraham Hicks say you create your own reality. But I first came across the term reality creation or when I first started reading the Seth material. Back in the nineties, and for those of you that don't know, Seth is a channeled entity that came through to the channel called Jane Roberts in the late sixties, early seventies, and was kind of really fundamental and pivotal to.

What we then, it was already called the new age, but it gave birth to Louise Hay material and other big names in the field of spirituality. So it was, there are volumes and it's just such a rich body of work. I have Channel Envy when I look at Jane Roberts, and I would highly recommend you read fiction.

As well oversoul of this over overseer of the souls oversoul something. Anyway, you'll find it. She didn't write many nonfiction, but that I had so many kind of cosmic experiences when I was reading that. Anyway, I wasn't gonna say that. You've diverted me. You're just so interesting to talk to him. So back to what I was gonna say.

So that's where I first came across the term reality creation. And basically it is the principle that everything in physical reality is the illusion and everything in our inner world is the true reality. The physical reality, the external one is just a mirror of everything that's on our, in our landscape.

So it's really, it is the same of the law of attraction , but I tend not to use manifestation, the word manifestation or law of attraction because I feel like it's just, Diluted down the complexities and the richness and the nuances of reality creation. And then everybody believes, goes around thinking, Oh, I can't do it.

I can't do this manifestation thing. I don't, the law of attract don't work for me. Or and some of the ways that I see the law of attraction principles are just like taught a just a kind of outta whack with what I think. So I'm just gonna share what I believe, what I've learnt, and how I try to live with you so that you can just see how that lands in your system and your body, how you wanna filter it.

So I think it's really important to, first of all, think about our cosmology before we even get into the raw material of reality creation. So what's your cosmology or how you define your spirituality is so important to, It's such an important foundation from the rest of everything that I'm gonna. To follow.

That made no sense in English. You know what I mean? Don't you? So this is like, like a principle concept for you to consider if you've not already, Chances are if you're listening to this, you already have. So what I mean by your cosmology is the origin of the universe. And chances are you're listening to this podcast, you probably believe in some kind of creation mythology. 

So the basics of why you think we're here and how you think we got here. And the reason I think this is important is particularly, In the online entrepreneurial world and business world that overlaps with the world of spirituality and law of attraction principles, it all can just feel a bit cold. So I hear statements of, Oh, it's just the universe testing you to see if you really want it.

I don't think the universe tests us. 

And the way that some people talk about lower retraction, it can just leave you feeling a bit cold and not that far from a Newtonian explanation of the world where, you know, there was the big bang and everything's just unfolding from there. 

It's just mechanical in nature. It's one big machine that's operating together. 

And it just feels impersonal. Like reality is just one giant mirror of your beliefs, feelings, attitudes, and expectations. And then ultimately, ultimately we're creating it all and we are the only people that are, you know, we are the only one that's doing that. And it just feels cold and barren and scary when you first take that step to drop in blame of any other human being or any other circumstances being in charge of creating your life.

And there's nuances to that. But when you really start to explore. The fact that you are creating your reality. There's a place where you just think shit . You know, when you first start to not just believe it, but really grok it and really choose to live your life that way. Whether you've got it all figured out or not, you know, this is a conscious choice I make every day of my life that this is how I believe the world works for me.

And it can feel terrifying and lonely until you really recognize that there is a God goddess or there is, or a, an intelligent being or an intelligent field. There is a loving presence weaving within and around all of it, and you so, It becomes what we call co-creation, and that's a whole different experience.

So I'm not gonna spend too much time there. And I do want to do a different, another episode on spirituality, but as we are talking about the raw material of reality creation and how that works, really do tune into the fact that you are not. alone there is a divine intelligence that adores you and knows your name and wants you to experience whatever you are gonna choose to experience in life and will help you make that happen.

And if you want to explore creation myths, I highly recommend Matthew Fox's work. Beautiful, beautiful person. 

And it can feel terrifying and lonely if you really decide to consciously choose to believe. And then, Assume, and then really gro that you are creating it all, everything in your life, and that there is nobody out there doing things to you that you are either creating or allowing your reality. It can be scary and it can kind of feel cold unless you have a creation myth or a cosmology.

That lets you know that there is a divine intelligence in this with you, because without that we can kind of slip into What I've noticed is that people use the law, attraction, and these principles that we're creating our own reality. When they do that without, a strong connection to a divine intelligence.

It can lead to them slipping into  believing that you need to dominate your reality. It's really subtle, but it's still there.

It's still drenched in capitalism, patriarchy, colonialism in particular. It's like I will dominate my reality, not I will co-create within my reality and I see that in the entrepreneurial world and I can slip into that world sometimes myself. And I think we really need to be careful that we don't shame ourselves if we find ourselves doing that.

But we are drenched in some really harsh cultural beliefs in some strict religious attitudes, some of us. And I think we have to radically shift our worldview. If we're gonna use reality creation principles to create the world that we want to love our own, and for everybody else, you know, if we wanna really make a difference in this world, as well as make a difference in our own lives, I think.

It calls us to really look at our cosmology and our mythology,

and then it becomes more about sovereignty and. Working with the universal or divine, but it's an intelligent being that knows your name and adores you and wants you to experience whatever desire you decide to experience, you know, free will. When you combine that with reality creation, it's a powerful thing.

It's a powerful thing. So what I'm talking about is more like a spiritual adulthood.  We are still developing ourselves. We're like, God Godes is in  training  while we're in physical reality and we're learning how to create with matter with success, , anybody who believes that they've got a past life in Atlantis where you might, you know, being part of that, not going well, might have got in touch with a different aspect of power combined with reality creation.




So let's recap Reality creation 1 0 1. Before we even get into the more materials of that, it needs us to consider what and who we're creating with. And I assume that I am creating with a kind of living, breathing source of unconditional love who wants me to have whatever I desire. And for some of us, that can mean.

So much more than just ordering toys from the universe. It certainly can be that, and that can be fun, but there's so much more it can experience both.

So just ponder, who do you think we are having this co-creation experience with and what's your definition of the universal source or the divine intelligence? Right. Raw material. 

, Okay, so I'll get into more complex Satina moment, but at the most basic level, this is my understanding of the process of reality creation.

The raw material are beliefs, imagination, and expectation .

So I'm going to demonstrate this by using an example of something that I realized in my business. And what I mean by realized is it went from intention to being in my physical reality. That's what I mean by realized. Some people say manifestation. I don't like that term at all. I just don't. So I realized this intention within a few hours of formulating it, and it was, I was asking source for a new client, so I can't replicate this every day, and I know why not, and I'm working on that.

It's certainly not how I run my business yet, but I know what I did and why it. So I'm gonna take that and as an example.  Using this process deliberately takes ruthless self honesty and radical self-awareness. So what happened was I wanted a new client, I just wanted a one off single session.

So I applied the, the principle of thanking the universe in advance of the manifest. So those of you that know conversations with God,  it's in there. You thank in advance as though you already have it. So mine was thank you source for this single session client that lands landed with so much ease.

Thank you so much. So that's the how. So let's break that down. Because I got to that process very quickly. But it is a process. Let's break that down.

Belief. So did I believe that I could have a new client? So let's just talk about beliefs. How do you know that you really believe something? You can feel it if you have a belief and you can't feel it as being true, you don't believe it.

If you think you do, it's just a nail. So that's the whole thing about affirmation's not working. You're just repeating something. And EFT would say you have tails. You know, there's, you have objections that come up after you make the statement. So, you know, a belief is a belief that you actually believe.

If you can feel it. If you can't feel it, it's just an nail.. So the radical self-awareness and the ruthless honesty is crucial. So I did believe it. And this is why. So I did truly want one. It was pure desire. It just felt like fun. I've had many, many clients in the past, so it was easy to imagine that one might just turn up.

I've got a business and I've got pathways for allowing that, and I just didn't want to send out a particular newsletter that day. I've also experienced the power of a thought in channel sessions. I've seen how one belief, which is, you know, a thought that's repeated over and over and over and over again until we feel it and know it goes on to create a whole world. A whole world, or it blocks. So beliefs block are blockers or allowers.

 I've seen clients with just one thought of. I can't channel just that one thought is enough to block the whole process. And if I have a client that believes that they can't channel, I know that we have to work on reframes on that. If I have a client that says they don't believe in channeling, I won't even work with them.

There's no point. But just that one thought will be enough to block the whole process. So I know we need reframes to start off with. Beliefs are freaking powerful. . So that's the first one.

Beliefs. Beliefs are blockers or allowers

, imagination. That's the next step. So, I didn't really need to use this one that much on my example, because I could really easily imagine creating a picture of a client showing up and a new booking. It kind of automatically happened because it's happened so many times.

So when I was creating something much bigger, like my dream of moving to live by the ocean, Like 15 years ago, I spent a lot more time using my imagination to imagine myself in Cornwell. I listened to Cornwell radio stations while I was still living in another county. I had a memory of being down here when I was a kid and stood with my feet in the ocean.

I used to use that as an imagination anchor. So the bigger the belief, sorry, the bigger the dream feels. The more your beliefs and expectations are not in alignment, and

so imagination is a bridge to the unseen. So it starts the process of .

Imagination starts to paint the picture of how reality's gonna start showing up for you. So we'll come back to that in a minute. But the third step expectation, the best description I've heard of this is from the A's. And I have actually seen this in channel sessions too, where expectations set reality.

So your beliefs start the process off, or they stop it from even starting in the first place they allow it or block imagination is the bridge. That carries you over to whatever expectation you have got of the end result expectations set in stone. That's how I see it. So I have this weird experience sometimes.

I always have this expectation that things are gonna kind of work out for me. Kind of work out for me. I might have a bit of trouble on the way, I might have some misunderstandings, but basically, you know, I have this expectation that I'm gonna be generally understood. People are gonna get my positive intention.

I'm gonna be okay. That's my general expectation over things. But I can have sometimes a nightmare time  along the way, but I eventually fall on my feet because that's my expectation. But my imagination can take me to some nightmares still

So in my expectation of a client, I did expect it to just come in. I expected a client to show up for all the reasons that I have told.

So let's have a look at what can get in the way of beliefs, imagination,, and expectation. So the bigger deal your dream feels, the further away it feels or the bigger it feels for you, that tends to mean. There are more beliefs and expectations that aren't aligned with that happening. You've got more beliefs and expectations that take you away from what it is that you're wanting to experience.

That's why it feels big and not just the next natural step. So in that one about the client that I've just told you about, my expectations and my beliefs were pretty alright.  And then I believe, In the power of asking, and I believe that there's a source that is just train its artist to get everything that I want to me, so that's why it showed up really quickly.

But for bigger ones, if they do feel big, you need to look at your expectations. So that's like your world views a lot or your self image and your beliefs. , how do your beliefs blocking or allowing what it is that you want into your life? So this is the art, and if it is at your, at the point where your dream feels bigger, It feels really big compared to where you are now and you want to play around with your beliefs and expectations and shifting that using your imagination can be a really gentle way of doing that.

So I have heard of authors who have  just imagined the next chapter being written and used that first before the sat down to write.

And I'm not saying that then when they sit down to write, it's easy from then on, but they're more likely to sit,  and write. So we know about the power of affirmation in athletics and performance and repetition and imagining it all happening. We know about that. It's the same thing in a house move or A person you want to show up in your life, you can use your imagination to shift the beliefs and expectations.

How are you using your imagination at the moment? Are you imagining what you want to come in? Are you playing with that? Are you imagining not having that? When I'm talking about imagination, you can use your imagination consciously.

So you can sit down and meditate and imagine things happening just gently. Or we can use our imagination. I certainly do unconsciously by imagining all the shout that might happen , Yeah, so I think that's, I've said enough there. The other thing that I think is really, really important to bear in mind is that unhealed big T trauma or significant trauma can create a powerful pull in the imagination.

So I'm speaking as somebody that experience severe trauma in my childhood that's taken me a long time to heal. And quite a bit of focused healing work. And so I understand quite a bit about how my nervous system works and how my imagination can follow my fear response. So my imagination previously would've been really difficult to pull over into imagining good things happening because it just felt so scary to not keep an.

On the nightmares, you know, the things that could go wrong, so you might want to look at healing those past events first before you start playing around with this. Or another way of saying that is we, if you've.

Big T trauma. Then be really gentle with yourself if you are finding it difficult to imagine good things or imagine what it is that you want and use your imagination in this way. I don't want to encourage any self-criticism or shaming here.


  For reasons I won't go into the tendency of that nervous system to pull your imagination towards things you don't want to happen and things that could go wrong is a really strong protective mechanism. So that can take someone time to unpick.

So how can you play with the expectations? So the A's gave me a saying  what's the very best that can happen? What is the very best that can happen? In these circumstances, what's the very best that I can hope for? And that has been so useful to me in the past when I felt like it was on my way to creating a nightmare.

When I asked myself  what is the very best that can happen? Then I would get an answer and it would give me a clue and a focus and something that I could start to imagine happening. So that can be a really good question.

 So beliefs, imagination, expectation, and then thanking this loving universe in advance for delivering that expectation, that whole package as though it's already happened.  One thing I want to say about that on this small example that I've just been using that was relatively easy for me to start imagining and thanking in advance.

I felt the structure of that in my body. I know that sounds a bit strange, but that's how like those of us that are kinesthetic can experience it, and that's when I know that that prayer. Which is the asking and the thanking in advance that I've embodied it and so I know it's gonna be on its way.

I can feel the structure in my physical body, and that is the power of thoughts and feelings together sometimes in our spiritual world. It it's all about how you. Don't worry about the thoughts, it's all about how you feel. And then it's, no, it's all about the thoughts. Don't worry about how you're feeling.

Just get your thoughts aligned and actually it's both together, and then that's what is embodied  we need both,

and then you need to just completely let it go and surrender and just get on with your day until it shows up, because that is the reflection of an expect. That, you know, it's on its way. So that's it. 

I'm not gonna go into it too much cause I think this is long enough already. But the more complex description of the raw materials of reality creation is thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs.

Choices and decisions and expectations. So you can see how all of those hold both inner and outer aspects. The outer shows up as actions. So our beliefs and attitudes start to create it. Our choices and decisions manifest it. But it's more than just think and then act

So again, thoughts, feelings, attitudes which become belief choices and decisions and expectations that are the complexities of the raw material of reality creation. And underpinning all of that is our beliefs about our connection to source. And it's all enlivened by our desires imagination. Okay.

. Really all you need to know is beliefs, imaginations, expectations. I would  play around with one of those . So, That's that swear reality can be relatively like straightforward in principle if you can break it down into that, but it's, it's complex to live and that's what I really wanted to convey is some teach it is just as simple as.

Think it and feel it, and it starts to happen. But when you break down the real, real materials like this, you can see how nuanced it can be, how trauma can get in the way, and hopefully then you can stop giving yourself a hard time sometimes when we're not able to live like this.

So, My invitation to you is to just think about beliefs, imagination, and expectation, and just start to play around with something, one of those things. So is there a belief that you think you believe in but you're not quite feeling? So you've been in denial about your true belief. Cause that's so liberating.

Do you wanna play around with just using your imagination to loosen things up and to start playing and interacting with physical reality in a different way, or the unseen reality in a different way? How, if at all, do you wanna start playing around with your imagination? Or do you wanna start and dive in with your expectations and start going around asking.

What's the very best that could happen in this situation? What's the very best that could happen here? And then you can just start to ha, this is my usual expectation of how things are gonna work out. This is another aspect of me when I ask the question, what? What's the very best that can happen? That shows me a different aspect of myself.

I haven't really embodied yet or even visited yet. It's a part of the totality of who I am that's been quite silent and not lived yet, and I think about fancy playing around with a different identity.

 And then if you want to, you can choose something that's fairly easily believable for you that you're gonna get and apply that process that I demonstrated through my client work and see if you can get to a, like a knowing it's on its sway. So start with something that is fairly easily believable.

I'd love to know how you get on, or if you disagree with me and you've got a different view of the raw material of reality creation, I'd love to know if you've played with any aspect of it and if you want more of outside point of view or a shortcut to knowing what your current beliefs are, your emotional set point, what the a's call, your point of perfect potential.

The area of your life that if you started shifting now, would have the biggest impact on all other areas of your life. Or some more ideas of how to start shifting your reality, then you are more than welcome to book a consultation with the a's., so I put the link in the show notes. I'd love to channel for you if that feels right. Otherwise, go play. Go play and I will see you on the next episode. Bye for now.